Medicine With a Mission made a commitment to provide help to Brits-Hartsbeespoort Hospice. This hospice is Hospice of the Chesapeake's sister hospice in South Africa. This hospice serves 800 patients and family members a moth on an annual budget of under $70,000 US. Our commitment is to provide a total of $10,000 of medical supplies over the next several years and to help them develop their first website and provide a digital marketing campaign, so they can become self-sufficient.

"The kits will make it possible to provide care which has been impossible due to the healthcare system of South Africa that is falling apart," wrote Lynette Janse van Rensburg, Hospice Manager of the Brits-Hartbeespoort Hospice in an email. "You will never know what a difference this will make because up until now, we have had to improvise when providing the most basic care like wound dressing."

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We had been watching the COVID-19 situation develop in March 2020 and started researching how we can help. Based on the scarcity of n95 masks there are just not enough resources. We believed that handmade washable, reusable face masks, while not providing the same protection of n95 masks, would be better than a bandana.

Then we heard that Anne Arundel Medical Center, in our State Capitol of Annapolis, was being proactive by asking the public to make and donate face masks to the medical center. We spoke with the hospital and they will take as many as we can possibly make. They were using them for patients and for health care workers at the hospital who were not in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.

We saw the amazing work being done by a group of volunteers, Face Masks for Maryland, and wanted to help. We raised funds and provided materials and fabric for those volunteers, which enabled them to be able to provide Anne Arundel Medical Center with over 2,000 face masks and over 900 to Hospice of the Chesapeake. $15,000 in PPE was supplied thanks to dedicated, selfless work of the volunteers of Face Masks for Maryland.

Grenada Project 2018... a great partnership! $400,000 of surgical supplies and equipment for the people of Grenada

​Medicine With a Mission
Providing hope and healing to those in need. 

South Africa Project 2019... Brits-Hartsbeespoort Hospice. $10,000 in medical supplies and marketing support

PPE Supply Project 2020... Providing supplies and materials to provide PPE during COVID shortage

April 2018 - It only takes a few people with a passion for #makingadifference to help create miracles.

Medicine With a Mission partnered with the students of St. George's University and Project Cure to make "...the largest single gift ever made to the Grenada Ministry of Health." 

Thanks to St. George's University, Project C.U.R.E,. SGU Cure Cargo For Grenada, Medicine With a Mission, D'Amore Personal Injury Law, LLC, the Ministry of Health & Social Security - Grenada, the Students and Supporters of St. George's University and those supporters of Medicine With a Mission in Maryland.

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