Providing hope and healing to those in need. 
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​Medicine With a Mission

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is clear; to uplift and heal those in resource-deficient communities around the world by providing immediate and long-term relief. A large population of the world lives without access to basic medical care; moreover, so many would never have access to surgeries for congenital birth defects like cleft lip/palate or acute medical illnesses (i.e. appendicitis). Many individuals are stigmatized and ostracized from their communities due to deforming conditions, leaving them isolated, jobless, and emotionally distraught. We seek to provide an answer by providing surgeries to correct these issues.

However, Joshua and Tommy are currently in medical school on the path to become future surgeons. In the meantime, the major focus of Medicine With a Mission will be on meeting the immediate health needs of those in the international community. Medicine With a Mission will work to acquire and provide medical resources as well as partner with organizations that have the human capacity in order to facilitate their mission of serving others.