​Medicine With a Mission
One of Medicine With a Mission's main goals is to assist other organizations and help promote their cause. We stand behind their mission and the work they are continually doing to better the community in which they are serving. Below you can look deeper into what each of the organizations do and how you can contribute to making a huge difference.


Making a Difference in Sierra Leone, West Africa

The Raining Season is an organization that strives to provide a hopeful future and seek justice for vulnerable children and impoverished families, in an effort to raise up a new generation, that will in turn bring hope for generations to come. They do this in an effort to rescue the orphaned and discarded through sponsorship, to empower the dreamer through education, and to restore the broken through discipleship.

There are several ways you can support The Raining Season. These include: sponsorship, raise awareness, donate, volunteer, pray, and visiting in person. If you would like more information about The Raining Season you can click here.If you already feel led to get involved and support their mission in one of the ways mentioned above you can do so by clicking here.

The Raining Season
Providing hope and healing to those in need.