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​Medicine With a Mission

Will you Help our Health Care Workers and Patients thru this COVID-19 Pandemic?
Medicine with a Mission and Face Masks for Maryland can use your support!

If you would like to join our Face Masks for Maryland team or help us financially to keep our medical workers safe, please fill out this form. It’s OK if you don’t know how to sew, we have plenty of other team roles to fill. Your support or other, will help us keep making face masks and you will be saving lives!

We have been watching the COVID-19 situation develop for over a month by researching how we can help.

Based on the scarcity of n95 masks there are just not enough resources.

We believe that handmade washable, reusable face masks, while not providing the same protection of n95 masks, are better than a bandana.

Medicine with a Mission shared stories of what has been happening in the United States with a nationwide movement of people wanting to get involved in making face masks.

Many people saw our stories and reached out to us. Then we heard that Anne Arundel Medical Center, in our State Capitol of Annapolis, is being proactive by asking the public to make and donate face masks to the medical center.

We spoke with the hospital and they will take as many as we can possibly make. They are using them for patients and for health care workers at the hospital who are not in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.

In partnering with the volunteers who are making these masks, they have asked us to help raise funds for supplies so they can keep sewing as many as possible to fulfill this urgent request. 

As other local hospitals express a need for face masks, we will do our best to support them as well and to help stand up other teams throughout the State of Maryland.

We have estimated it costs approximately $1 in materials, using volunteer labor, to produce one mask.

Thank you from Medicine with a Mission and the Face Masks for Maryland team.

Estimated cost breakdown for materials:

$291 fabric
$334 Interfacing
$100 metal strips for nose adjustment
$40 zip lock bags for clean distribution
$100 elastic/bias ties
$50 thread
$915 total in materials per 1,000 masks produced with volunteer labor.

Each face mask will be delivered in a zip lock bag.
As the normal supply chain for personal protection equipment catches up with the critical demand, any excess funds collected through this effort will be donated to the Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation.